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Get Beetles on your trees and HWA under control!

S.tsugae Beetle Ordering Guide

Tree-Savers determines the amount of beetles needed to control HWA using 3 basic criteria:

  1. Size of Hemlock tree or Treatment area
  2. Level of HWA infestation
  3. % Dieback / Defoliation

For Example:


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Packaging Increments

Rearing beetles is an expensive and extensive process!  Production is based on demand for each coming spring.  Our rearing season begins in late fall, in tandem with HWA’s life cycle.

Special Rates available for communities, state agencies, conservancies etc.  Please inquire!

There are 100 Beetles in each Colony    


Beetles Price Bracket:

  • < 1000 = $250/colony
  • < 5000 = $225/colony
  • 5000 + = $200/colony

Shipping & Handling:

  • 1-6 colonies =   $50.00/box
  • 7-12 colonies = $100.00/box

Application fee:  $50.00/hour per site

Shipping Rates are based on “UPS next-day air” for safe delivery.

* All S.tsugae beetles will be shipped on a neutral, biodegradable material in pre-counted containers.*

Tree Savers Pricing Pics 1

Releasing Beetles for the treatment of HWA is EASY!Tree Savers Pricing Pics 2

 All s.tsugae beetles arrive in pre-counted containers.

Gently tap container on a hard surface to dislodge active beetles, peel back lid and secure container to HWA infested foliage.  (Clothespins work well, thumb tacks may be used to secure containers to the trunk of the tree if no low foliage can be found).

Detailed release instructions are included with every shipment! 


We offer CASH for untreated Hemlock trees!

All Hemlock trees play a role in the battle of HWA.  Infested trees that cannot be saved will serve to either spread the pest to healthy hemlocks, – OR- they can be used to help us STOP the onslaught by breeding more beetles!

Our beetles are a SINGLE HOST organism that NEEDS HWA to survive!  Because of this, we require strong healthy crops of HWA to fuel the breeding of beetles.

Tree-Savers may offer CASH, credit, or beetles if a food source can be derived from your property.  CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION!

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