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Tree-Savers Full Service Promise

We exist to save Hemlock Trees!  By whatever means necessary, that’s our goal.  So here are your options:

Do it Yourself!

We realize many landowners are willing and able to diagnose their own trees, and release beetles with proper instructions. We’ll give you everything you need to deploy S. tsugae beetles yourself.

We’ll help you assess your trees, estimate how many beetles you need, provide the beetles and guide you through their release. When you buy our beetles, you have our continuous support.

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We’ll do it for You!

We’ll visit your property, assess your trees, and create a site-specific plan.  We will present our findings and list your options and our proposed course of action.  In many cases a combination approach of Pesticides and Biological Control are advised and in these cases we strongly advise professional assistance.

Despite our focus on the safest and most natural solutions, we recognize the occasional need for more timely and aggressive action. Systemic insecticides can provide a quick and powerful short-term blow to HWA. The effects of Pesticides are short-term but their initial use can pave the way for a sustainable future.

Our Full Service Tree Program™ offers
the best technology to service your property.

Systemic Pesticides…

  • Safari basal trunk spray (active ingredient: Dinotefuran)
  • Arbor-jet trunk IV (active ingredient: Imidacloprid)
  • Soil injections (active ingredient: Imidacloprid)
  • Bayer Coretect tablets (active ingredient: Imidacloprid)

Healing Nutrients…

  • Bio-stimulating Micronutrients
  • Autumn Care to reduce winter stress
  • pH / Soil Chemistry Modification
  • Anti-fungal / Antibacterial Protection

Biological Control…

  • The cultivation and installation of Sasajiscymnus tsugae predatory beetles.

Combining pesticides and beetles requires considerable expertise.

Pesticides are often the cause of death or injury to non-target insects and animals. Insecticides like those used to kill HWA are capable of also killing S. tsugae beetles when handled improperly. Tree Savers’ Full Service Program™ is designed to prevent harm to your beetle colonies if a combined approach becomes necessary.

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