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Complete Hemlock Restoration – The Natural Way!

Leading the Way in Natural, Sustainable Control of HWA

Tree-Savers is the only private laboratory raising and deploying S.tsugae beetles into the fight against the HWA. The scourge that is killing the Eastern Hemlock Ecosystem. Our team has over 10 years’ experience breeding, releasing and monitoring the results of predator beetles on Hemlock Restoration projects.

We have converted that experience into a Four Step Process for optimizing results from Biological Control of HWA.  With this process, our professionals can provide a turn-key solution for managing your property OR guide you or your local Forestry Professional in the proper integration of S.tsugae Predator Beetles into your hemlock restoration program.

Tree-Savers Four Step Process

Ensures the Optimal Results for Your Hemlock Trees


1.Diagnose the Problem

We have developed a proprietary assessment/inspection program for evaluating hemlocks and properties to determine the potential effectiveness of Predator Beetles.  We WILL NOT sell you beetles unless there is a high probability of success.


Depending on your location and budget, Tree-Savers can either serve as your Full Service Forestry Manager or provide the necessary guidance and training for you or a local Forestry Professional on the proper method of deploying Predator Beetles to save infested hemlocks.

2.Prescribe the Solution

Based on our assessment, we will develop a plan for introducing Predator Beetles that meets your objectives and budget while delivering the best possible result.  Our objective is to develop long-term customer relationships that deliver sustainable hemlock restoration.

4.Monitor & Sustain

Most customers start by targeting 2 – 5 trees for restoration in the first year.  We will work with you to assess and evaluate performance each year and develop the plan for sustaining results on treated trees and expanding the program as needed.

Buy with Confidence

Over 75% of our business comes from repeat customers looking to build on their initial success with Predator Beetles.

The S.tsugae beetle is perfectly safe for release on your property.  Tens of thousands have been released under State and Federal supervision working with world leading universities in multiple States including Tennessee, New Jersey, North Carolina Georgia, Connecticut and more.

Tree-Savers is registered and approved by the U.S. EPA to rear and distribute the s. tsugae predator beetle for hemlock restoration.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Unfortunately, there is no single, magic bullet to eliminate HWA.  At Tree-Savers, we recognize the need for multiple, integrated tools where necessary to combat this invasive plague on our Hemlock Ecosystems.

Our experts are trained in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Best Practices.  We have years of experience combining Predator beetles with the other methods including pesticides to achieve optimal results.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Principles:

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