Why Tree-Savers?

Invasive Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA) is decimating America’s Eastern Hemlock Forests.

The Sustainable Cure for HWA – Save Your Hemlocks Naturally

HWA is a relentless invasive pest that decimates hemlock trees and is damaging entire ecosystems across the Eastern United States.  Chemical pesticides, the conventional approach to controlling this invasive pest, have failed to stop the devastation.

Fortunately, nature has the answer for saving Hemlocks from death by HWA – the Sasajiscymnus tsugae (S. tsugae) beetle.  This remarkable insect literally eats HWA for lunch! (and breakfast and dinner).

The S. tsugae beetle is the reason that Japanese Hemlock Forests are thriving and healthy despite the presence of HWA.  Unfortunately, while HWA migrated to the United States from Asia, the S. tsugae beetle did not.

Tree-Savers is here to balance the equation.  We raise S. tsugae beetles in our specialized laboratory by the tens of thousands and send them into the fight to save hemlock trees from HWA.


Leading Edge Biological Control Now Available to Everyone

World renown Universities and State Forestry Departments have been deploying the S.tsungae beetle on State lands for many years.  It is proven effective and sustainable.

Tree Savers is the ONLY source for this biological control technology for private landowners and forestry professionals in the United States.

Advantages of Predator Beetles for HWA

„The Only Natural Cure for HWA – Save your hemlocks without the need for harmful, chemical pesticides.

The S.tsungae beetle is the reason that Japanese Hemlock Forests are thriving and healthy despite the presence of HWA.

„Sustainability – Unlike chemical herbicides, the S.tsungae beetles provide control over multiple seasons and spread from tree to tree as they thrive on HWA.

„Better for the Long-Term Health of your Trees – Studies show that trees treated repeatedly with chemical pesticides get progressively weaker as HWA develops resistance and the harmful chemicals in the pesticides impact the vascular system of the tree.

„Contributes to the Health of the Entire Ecosystem – As the s. tsungae beetles save your trees and reproduce, they multiply and spread helping to restore balance to the larger Eastern Hemlock Ecosystem.

„More Cost Effective Than Repeated Pesticide Treatment – Pesticides, at best, deliver a short-term improvement.  Repeated treatments mean increasing costs to keep trees alive.  Predator Beetles provide sustained control allowing the tree to completely recover and reducing the need for future treatments.

Tree-Savers Expertise and Support

Tree Savers provides free, unlimited consulting via phone and email to support the proper release and optimal results from Predator Beetle treatment.

In addition, we offer Full Service Forestry Management for customers looking for an end-to-end solution within our service area.

Contact us for a free consultation today at treesaverspa@gmail.com or by telephone at (570) 871-0088.

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